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This is the system that is finally able to translate mental training into something that is no longer elusive. It’s active and practical, but at the same time, it has e-learning components so you know what you’re doing. At Chamisal we have made a start with training our coaches and we look forward to a roll-out for our competitive members and high-performance juniors.

Luis Reis
General manager / Chamisal Tennis and Fitness Club

Very impactful!

2Mynds has helped me activate the energy I want to bring to the court daily and Leon’s individualized approach to practice my mental skills has helped me become much more calm and able to regulate my focus during competition. The mind-body workouts and the mind flows make a lot of sense. This is a system that I’ve seen benefits from, give it a try!

Kaitlyn Christian
Professional Tennis Player (WTA) / USA

A game changer

As a parent/coach, I had always struggled to find a “mental strength” coach or program that my daughter felt was actually helping her while keeping her engaged. Well, I finally found it: 2Mynds. The way the platform helps players take the info and exercises and transfer it to training and then to competition is a game-changer and has helped my daughter tremendously.

Steve Malkin
Parent & coach / Tucson, AZ

Useful in sports and beyond!

Together with my coaches, I am very excited about 2Mynds. Every individual is different and with this concept, everyone can determine his or her own route within the mental and physical aspects. Not only is the online material is unique and of high quality, but we have also thoroughly enjoyed the on-court workshops from Leon and Liane. Open up and go for it!

Dennis Kockx
Head Coach/ Tennis Academy Kockx

Raised the level of my game!

The 2Mynds platform has greatly improved my game by providing a simple approach to developing and training mental skills. The workouts are especially helpful as they create a challenging environment that prepares me for competing at a high level in tournaments. By working with 2Mynds and Leon I’ve developed match routines that help me be relaxed but focused.

Michela Moore
Nationally ranked tennis player / USA

Great for college players!

I can clearly see the benefits of this unique approach. I like that there are resources for players as well as coaches. While the players work online, the coaches can guide the on-court training and application. The progress-to-stress approach really ties in well with the roller coaster of emotions that comes from college tennis. Very cool to have this in our arsenal.

Roger Follmer
Head coach / Washington University Men's Tennis

Uniquely engaging!

The 2Mynds system is providing my students with a fun and engaging way to work on the mental skills that they need to compete at a high level. From an academy perspective, I like the fact that there is so much value in the online platform and web app, while everyone is guided on how to put in the work and how to translate everything to on-court situations. Unique!

Nick Fustar
Head coach / Eagle Fustar Tennis Academy

A big help with my performance

The 2Mynds system has really helped me improve my game. I have learned many useful skills that help me perform at a better level in tournaments. I also really like the idea of being able to do mind and body exercises on the court, to address mental aspects as well as physical fitness. I really enjoy working with Leon as it helps me transfer what I learn online to the court.

Anushree Shekhera
Nationally ranked player / USA