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2Mynds provides organizations with unique training and a powerful tool to help the athletes thrive when the pressure is on. Book a virtual meeting with us and learn how our Flow 255® platform not only benefits your athletes but also empowers all performance staff across your organization!

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We know that a team is made up of individuals with unique talents and their own set of challenges. So we not only provide team solutions, but we also give each athlete the ability to individualize their mental fitness journey.

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Empower Your
Athletes and Staff

Athletic Departments

Athletic Departments

Empower all performance staff, see athletes thrive through preventative training, and reduce burden and cost

Team Athletes

Team Athletes

Use a mental fitness solution that trains your mental skills in a way that works under pressure

Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Integrate innovative mind flows seamlessly into your sport-specific conditioning; no extra time investment

Performance Psychologists

Performance Psychologists

Leverage the group-based mental fitness analytics for early insights and efficiently direct your efforts across athletes

Team Coaches

Team Coaches

Enjoy working with athletes who bring can put their mental fitness to work in sport-specific routines

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists

Experience a reduced burden as preventative mental fitness training becomes a habitual practice

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Innovative Mental Fitness

The 2Mynds Flow 255® technology benefits all performance stakeholders in your organization. Admins and psychologists benefit from advanced analytics, performance coaches seamlessly integrate mental skill training in workouts, sports coaches work on what matters, and athletes see better performance and mental health.

Flow 255®

Our innovative methodology ensures you develop mental fitness in logical steps with progressive overload.


Our proprietary mental fitness index and advanced analytics keep track at individual and team levels.


Effortless integration for multiple teams: team QR codes take athletes to new mind flows every week.

We Walk The Talk

Our Practice

While the Flow 255® platform is unique, we don’t stop there. We are passionate about bringing you a full experience and we make sure that experience works – because we use it ourselves! We test it, we train your staff, we support your athletes. Would you like to integrate this experience at your organization? Contact us to discuss the options!