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For Individuals

For Individuals

Flow Platform

Free trial for 1 week, then as low as


per month for annual subscription


  • All training resources
  • Dashboard with Flow.IQ™

For Individuals

Core Courses

Single courses starting at $15


for core courses and life-time access


  • Pick courses or bundle them
  • Advanced e-learning

For Individuals

Pro Package

All content plus a free kick-off consult


includes one year of platform access


  • All training & learning resources
  • Complementary kick-off consult

For Teams

For Teams

Team Package

The Foundation for Team Success


Platform access with our support


  • All training resources
  • Kick-off and check-in meetings
  • Our most affordable solution

For Teams

Team Pro Package

The Complete Solution for Teams


Platform & courses, fully guided


  • All training & learning resources
  • Kick-off and check-in meetings
  • Injured-athlete resources

For Teams

Team Add-Ons

Customize Your Team’s Experience


Add analytics & workshops


  • Advanced team reports
  • On-site workshops
  • Organization-level analytics

Content Features

Flow PlatformCore CoursesPro PackageTeam Packages
All testing resources (incl. SPE-20™)
Personal mental fitness index (MFI)
Detailed tracking dashboard
FLow.IQ™ personalized daily flow
All up-to-date training resources
Over 100 mind-body workouts
Mind flows for personal workouts
All integration resources
Audio guides to use in daily life
Video series to optimize routines
Over 30 lessons in 3 video courses
1. Explore Your Mind
2. Build Your Mind
3. Empower Your Mind
Welcome kit
Playbook for facilitators
Injured athlete workbook
Kick-off meeting
Four team guidance check-ins


Currently we are mainly focused on athletes, but our platform is suitable for anyone ages 13 years or older who would like to work on their mental fitness.

Yes! Although our current programs are tailored for athletes, the skills you train and obtain in 2Mynds are applicable outside of sports! Even if you are not an athlete, we recommend you to try it out and see the benefits of mental fitness in your professional career and daily life.


We offer a subscription (monthly or yearly) that gives you access to our Flow 255® platform with over 100 mind-body workouts, audio guides and video series. You can try it out with the free trial!

Furthermore, we offer three courses that you can buy separately or as a bundle. With the courses, you can gain insight into mental skills and perspectives while also getting limited access to a few mind-body workouts, audio guides, and video series which are part of the platform.

You can only have one account on 2Mynds. Your account is linked to your email address.


By clicking on your profile image, you can select your account. By clicking on export data you can download a copy of all data you have created on the 2Mynds platform.


No, 2Mynds can be used for any sport. It even can be used beyond sports and in daily life. We help people perform under pressure situations (whether in your professional career or in daily life).

The 2Mynds platform is created in such a way that you can train your mental fitness completely on your own! We do that through our assess, acquire, and apply cycle found on our Flow 255® platform. Although 2Mynds doesn’t offer personal training sessions, there are many ways to get additional training (like workshops or webinars). And if you get started with the PRO package, then we do offer you a personal consultation (30 min) for free.

You will need an electronic device that has internet capability to access our platform (I.e., computer, laptop, tablet, mobile device) and some open space when you do mind-body workouts. Our workouts don’t require any equipment, but a yoga mat would be nice!

Yes, you can add a facilitator in your profile settings.

This facilitator could for example be your coach, your sports psychologist, a parent or someone else with whom you would like to share your progress.
This facilitator will receive a stats report once you have completed your tests.

You can add this facilitator as follows:
1. Click on your profile
2. Click on the ‘edit’ button
3. Click on the ‘support’ tab
4. Add the facilitator information and save the changes.


You can contact us by completing our contact form.