Your health is our mission 

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Your health is our mission 


WE’re on a Mission!

We help you achieve better mental health and performance through mental fitness. To do that we take you on a unique journey where you get to train your mind like you train your body. Join us, and unleash your mind!

innovative Approach

2Mynds gives you an innovative methodology to develop your mental fitness just like your physical fitness: with progressive overload. That means you get to assess, acquire, and apply skills under increasing strain and you’ll learn how to monitor, moderate, and use stress to optimize your performance, presence, and health.

coRe Values

We strive for impact, but we integrate our values of integrity, community, passion, and enjoyment into everything we do.

Our Team

Leon Bax
Founder & CEO
Liane Bax
Head of Operations
Anthony Scolaro
Head of Technology
Stefanie Allen
Head of Growth
Shan Escarra
Training Lead
Anh Weber
Psychology Lead
Christina Riley
Curriculum Lead
Liam Hoole
Videography Lead