Get Your Mind In Shape! Get
Your Mind In Shape!


Join the journey toward mental health with our ground-breaking mental fitness approach that works your mind like you work your body! 

Well-Being Through
Mental Fitness

There are plenty of ways to get your body in shape…

Flow 255TM For Individuals

Mental fitness tailored to you!

Get your reps in for your mental fitness. Our platform can be used anywhere, any time. Test and track yourself, train with 100+ workouts, and make your mental skills stress-resistant.

Develop key insights with our core courses. Learn how you can optimize performance, mental fitness, and mental health, and understand why and when specific exercises work.

Flow 255TM For Teams

Manage mental fitness as a team!

Use our team package to test, track, and optimize performance in your team or teams. Designed with the needs of coaches, psychologists, and entire athletic departments in mind!

As the ultimate mental health prevention tool, Flow 255 is easily integrated into existing strength and conditioning programs and reduces the burden on mental health staff.


your mind

This Is How We

Change The Game

With our unique approach to sports mental training, athletes of all ages can engage with e-learning, workouts, guided applications, and video channels designed to take mental strength to a new dimension. Get ready to train your mental fitness like your physical fitness and unleash your mind!

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Unique Thinking

Our Flow 255TM approach to sports mental training helps you manage 2 states of mind, 5 skills, and 5 perspectives.

Unique Testing

Test your mental fitness with our proprietary SPE-20TM questionnaire and use advanced analytics to track progress.

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Unique Training

Go beyond the psychology and experience how progressive overload in mental training makes a difference.

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Unique Technology

Our Flow.AITM ensures your assess, acquire, and apply steps are personalized and ensure a sustainable mental fitness.

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