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Get your reps in for your mental fitness. Our platform can be used anywhere, any time. Test and track yourself, train with 100+ workouts, and make your mental skills stress-resistant.

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Core Courses

Our core courses provide essential insights on why and how mental fitness training should be used to optimize your journey towards mental fitness and mental well-being.

Know Your Mind

  • Explore Your Mind
  • Build Your Mind
  • Empower Your Mind

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Explore Courses

Course 1 - Explore

Check in on your calm and active states of mind. Mental fitness is about using your mind states skillfully and intelligently.

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Course 2 - Build

Mental fitness has its foundation in five core mental skills. Learn how to train them and how to apply them in sports and life.

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Course 3 - Empower

The right perspectives connect you to the five core positive emotions. Learn to control the power of your emotions.

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Flow 255® Pro Package

Bundle your platform access with our core courses and not only get your reps in with the most advanced training platform but also develop key insights into your well-being.

  • Track your mental fitness
  • Use productive perspectives
  • Control your mind states
  • Control positive emotions
  • Optimize core mental skills
  • Apply mental fitness to life

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