Flow 255® Training

Get your reps in for your mental fitness. With our Flow 255® Training you can test and track yourself, train with continuously updated mind flows for your workouts, and develop routines for sports and life.

  • Advanced analytics
  • Train with targets
  • Apply to sports & life
  • Monthly new content

Unleash your mind!


The Flow 255® training experience!
Various subscriptions.


Flow 255® Pro

Our flagship bundle:  full training access plus our core courses. Not only get your reps in with the most advanced training platform but also develop key insights into your well-being.

  • The full platform
  • Detailed insights
  • Injured athlete materials
  • Start with personal coaching

Our complete solution

$495 $355today!

With one year of Flow 255® Training Platform.
Renews at $120/yr. Cancel at any time.

Courses in the Pro Package

Course 1 - Explore

Check in on your calm and active states of mind. Mental fitness is about using your mind states skillfully and intelligently.

Part of the Pro Package (but also available by itself)!

Course 2 - Build

Mental fitness has its foundation in five core mental skills. Learn how to train them and how to apply them in sports and life.

Part of the Pro Package (not available as individual purchase).

Course 3 - Empower

The right perspectives connect you to the five core positive emotions. Learn to control the power of your emotions.

Part of the Pro Package (not available as individual purchase).


Personal Coaching

Would you like to receive regular support and coaching for your activities? Our 2Mynds certified personal coaches will help you leverage the Flow 255 platform to the max.

  • Set personal goals
  • Optimize your activities
  • Review key takeaways
  • Use at any frequency

Laser-focused sessions

starts at $95 /hour

Bulk discounts and
premium options available.


Flow Workshops

Our Flow Workshops help you optimize performance, optimize your training habits, and they can even get you certified or accredited for continued education (as a coach). Check our events or inquire!

  • In-person training
  • Great for team building
  • Get personalized advice
  • Request special themes

The group experience


Customized themes and pricing.
Private and public events.