Flow 255®: a toolbox for mental fitness

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Modern-day society tends to keep our mind in a contemplative state: we constantly think, emote, evaluate, or plan ahead. While that contemplative state may have taken us to the top of the food chain, it prevents many of us from enjoying the food!

Flow 255®

You could say that Flow 255® is our core product. When you log in, you’ll see it right away – it’s the name of our platform. But Flow 255® is much more than that. It also refers to the method that we developed and this is where it gets interesting! So, even though you can just sign up for free and explore both sides of Flow 255®, we thought a fun blog post wouldn’t hurt!

The technology

Flow 255® is an interactive and engaging online technology for developing mental fitness. Unlike the traditional knowledge-based approach to mental fitness (psychologist sessions, online forums, reading, and podcasts), Flow 255® is based on a functional three-step development cycle: assess, acquire, and apply. These categories are constantly visible as a menu in the Flow 255® platform’s interface and users are guided through the steps via modern learning-management approaches and gamification.

The cycle starts with assessing a user’s current level of mental fitness via three proprietary psychometric tests from which a mental fitness index is calculated. The tests are taken routinely throughout the program, with the results tracked in various graphs and reports to show a user’s progress over time.

The next step in the cycle represents the largest: acquiring skills. This involves both learning and training, so users gain not only knowledge but also practical skills. Users first learn theory through videos and readings and the acquired knowledge is then put into practice through fun and engaging mind-body workouts. The workouts have physical flow components designed to elevate stress so the mental skills that are trained become stress-resistant. The training uses progressions in these practices through increasing intensity – or progressing to stress, as we say – so that users will ultimately have control over their minds and bodies in high-pressure situations. For more on this, check out this post.

The last step in the cycle is applying one’s new skills to real-life situations. This is practiced through transfers and integrations, which include audio guides and techniques for real-life situations, initially on the tennis court. A user’s application may occur conscientiously at first, i.e., he/she may be aware that he/she is implementing these skills, but our aim is to imprint routines so that one’s brain develops stable patterns and integrates mental components without disruption. We encourage users to start consciously implementing these skills in real-life situations that are least stressful and then progress the transfer to more challenging circumstances.

Besides the unique structure, the Flow 255® platform’s social and gamified content keeps users accountable and on track. Beginning as Rookies, users can progress through the ranks and can even use their points to unlock special content or compete on leaderboards. While everyone starts the same, users can customize their mental fitness journey based on tests and can choose from various workouts that are refreshed monthly

The methodology

Flow 255® also refers to a methodology that manages 2 mind states, 5 skills, and 5 perspectives to achieve mental fitness. We’ll provide a brief overview here, with more details in the platform itself.

Two mind states (2)

  • Operative mind state: a grounded and quiet mind, in the moment
  • Contemplative mind state: a thinking and busy mind, in the past or future

Both mind states are essential for different purposes. While an operative mind state helps you flow, a contemplative mind state helps you grow. Many physical skills and activities – from a tennis serve to a golf drive to a memorized speech – are primarily operative when they are executed in peak performance and can even be disrupted when our contemplations become dominant: analysis paralysis. On the other hand, being analytical is required to learn from experience and make good plans. The question is not which state of mind is better, but whether we can use the right one at the right time. This requires skills and perspectives. At 2Mynds, we identified five primary skills and five primary perspectives for mental fitness. Skills are capacities for doing something (-ing) and perspectives are outlooks that are associated with positive emotions or mental attributes. So, for example, a sincere perspective that there is a gift to be found in every experience will lead to a positive emotion of gratitude or appreciation. Similarly, the perspective that there is a lesson to be found in every experience will lead to curiosity and open-mindedness (and even stability and a certain detachment from a result).

Five skills (5)

  • Realize: calming your mind
  • Relax: reducing tension
  • Reason: optimizing self-talk
  • Revise: correcting behavior
  • Refocus: engaging yourself

Five perspectives (5)

  • Gift: gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation
  • Joy: happiness, lightheartedness
  • Opportunity: passion, motivation, determination
  • Lesson: curiosity, open-mindedness, stability
  • Unity: connection, kindness, compassion

There is significance to the order of the skills and this is important when the techniques for each skill are used in routines. The perspectives are essential to make skills work under different situations and different levels of stress. Perspectives are a tool to generate positive emotions or positive mental attributes. This methodology not only applies to sports but also to everything that requires optimal presence and performance.

Putting it all together

Flow 255® refers to the 2Mynds methodology and technology for mental fitness. It’s a toolbox with practical tools to optimize your presence and performance – in sports and life. You’ll test, track your progress, learn, train, and even apply your newly found fitness to life and sports. With this toolbox in hand, the ball is in your court… so take the next step and sign up to experience Flow 255®. Our exploratory material is completely free so why not give it a spin? We promise you’ll develop your body and mind in unique ways that are not only impactful but also a lot of fun!


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