TEAM subscription

Our TEAM subscription is the primary subscription for organizations and gives access to all the coaching resources. It gives coaches and organizations a branded group that students can enroll in and in which their progress can be tracked. It also includes special student discounts and more.

$175.00 / year



Our TEAM subscription provides coaches and organizations with the option to access special resources to support their members and students. The video below summarizes the benefits and more details can be found below the video:

The key benefits for organizations and coaches listed:

  1. Access to the entire platform (like the PRO subscription that students may be using),
  2. Access to the online course for coaches,
  3. A branded group that members or students can be enrolled in (they will see your logo when they login and next to key content),
  4. Progress tracking of students (you can follow their progress),
  5. Interactive roadmap downloads,
  6. Workout PDF sheet downloads,
  7. Discounts for students and commissions on student purchases (except for college coaches, who receive an extra discount for their team instead).


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