R5 | Refocus And Flow

Multiweek | The Refocus and Flow (R5) program helps you manage external flow states with a quiet mind and in sync with your environment.

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The Refocus and Flow program refers to creating a flow state or zone in relation to your environment. You can zone internally, but that is usually not what we want in our sports activities. You will learn to work towards a state where you develop an external awareness that gets merged with your internal awareness. You’ll learn about the role of base awareness, point-perimeter-periphery, and centering yourself inside and outside, bringing yourself more in sync with your environment. You can get access to this program with the PRO subscription. Coaches with an active TEAM subscription have access as well.

The R5 | Refocus and Flow program introduces you to external awareness and eventually to a state in which you merge your external and internal awareness. For information on our other programs, check out the options overview.

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