R4 | Revise Your Reality

Multiweek | Our groundbreaking revise (R4) program on projections. Learn to project your senses and emotions in small progressive steps.

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The Revise Your Reality program is all about projections. First of all, this is not a program about manifesting a million dollars or becoming a celebrity. This is about learning how to direct and correct your behavior by controlling your senses and emotions. It’s about the process, not the product of a process. Projections can involve any sense, although in sports the focus is often on the visual (visualizations). More importantly, projections can be emotional.

In this program, we introduce you to a step-by-step method to develop your projections, visual, sensitive as well as emotional. We take a very different approach than what you typically encounter. It’s a profound program with process-based techniques that you can work on for the rest of your life. You can get access to this program with the PRO subscription. Coaches with an active TEAM subscription have access as well.

After completing the R4 | Revise Your Reality program, you know how to build up visualizations, sensitizations, and emotional projections. You will also understand when to use which and can start training them and applying them when it counts. For information on our other programs, check out the options overview.

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