Mind-Body Training For Tennis Coaches – Workshops Level 1 & 2

Half day | A special workshop for tennis coaches. Learn how mind-body training can be playfully integrated in your tennis lessons.



We organize two levels of workshops for tennis coaches. Level 1 focuses on understanding and experiencing what 2Mynds mind-body training is and on learning about the applications on the court. Level 2 covers details of the key skills that are trained in 2Mynds, running workouts from the app or from printed workout sheets, and more extensive applications. Both workshops stress fun and functionality.

Typical format

Both workshops typically take 4-5 hours. This can be achieved with a morning session, quick lunch, and a short afternoon session.

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Level 1
  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Theory: Concepts in mind-body training
  3. Practice: Introduction to applications
  4. Practice: Mind-body training workout
  5. Lunch
  6. Theory: Level 1 applications
  7. Practice: On-court applications
  8. Closing remarks and evaluation

There are no prerequisites. The schedule can be adjusted based on requests.

Level 2
  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Theory: 2Mynds MBT skills
  3. Theory: Exercise physiology and psychology
  4. Practice: Building a themed workout
  5. Lunch
  6. Theory: Train-apply flows
  7. Practice: Off-court and on-court training
  8. Closing remarks and evaluation

The level 1 workshop must have been completed to join this workshop.


Depends on setting and duration. Inquire for details.


Tennis clothes, tennis shoes, racket, and yoga mat or large towel



What you’ll get

Map with workshop documents and workout schedules, online exam access, certificate*.

(*) The certificate is only awarded to participants who complete the practical training and pass the online exam. Doing the exam is optional.

Additional information


To be announced