Mind-Body Training For Tennis Players – Workshops By Theme

1-2 hours | A fun and active introduction to mind-body training for tennis players. Learn how mental fitness training can be part of your tennis development.

Costs depend on group size and duration.

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These are fun and active workshops for tennis players. Learn how you can work on your mental fitness for your enjoyment and performance in tennis and choose the theme you think fits you best. Or do them all:

  1. Introduction to mind-body training
  2. Basics: Calm your mind 
  3. Basics: Relax
  4. Basics: Give good directions
  5. Basics: Visualization step by step
  6. Basics: A deeper zone
  7. Advanced: Mind-body warm-ups
  8. Advanced: Mind-body cool downs
  9. Advanced: Triggers and rituals

Duration: 1-2 hours
Costs: Depends on group size and duration.
Bring: Tennis clothes, tennis shoes, racket, and yoga mat or large towel
Prerequisites: None for the basics.

Schedule  Inquiries and requests