2Mynds Workshops For Coaches

Half day | A special workshop for sports and fitness coaches. Learn how mind-body development can be playfully integrated into your training.



We organize two levels of workshops for sports and fitness coaches. Level 1 is meant particularly for sport-specific coaches (tennis, gold, soccer, basketball) and focuses on the applications of mental skills. Level 1 keeps it simple and does not cover how to organize mind-body training – this is covered in level 2 workshops. The level 2 workshops are aimed particularly at physical fitness  and mental coaches who would like to supervise and organize mind-body workouts. Both types of workshops alternative classroom sessions with practical sessions and they stress fun and functionality.


The workshops typically take half a day but they can be customized. There are no prerequisites for level 1, but level 1 must be completed in order to join level-2 workshops*. The costs depend on the setting and duration. Inquire for details.

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(*) The level 1 content is also available as an online e-learning program.