2Mynds Basics | First Steps

1 week | The ‘First Steps’ program introduces you to important 2Mynds concepts, gets you started with breath awareness, and reviews next steps.

Users of the BASIC Subscription or PLUS Subscription program receive a special discount. If you are a coach, make sure you are logged in when you purchase a program or package.
This program is automatically available to all registered users. Registration is free and you can sign up here.

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The First Steps program is a short introduction to 2Mynds. It covers the basic ideas behind 2Mynds and introduces you to 2Mynds mind-body training. The First Steps program is currently part of the free registration. So simply register (it’s free) and get access to this program!


After completing the First Steps program, you will have good idea of what 2Mynds is about and whether it is something you want to explore further. For information on related programs, check out the programs overview.