Coaching | 2Mynds – Level 1

Multiweek | Learn how to integrate 2Mynds applications in your coaching and let your students integrate their skills their development.


This program can be purchased at a discount with a PLUS subscription and it is included in the PRO and TEAM subscriptions!

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There are currently two levels of online training for coaches in sports and physical education. This level 1 online e-learning program focuses on understanding what 2Mynds mind-body training is and on learning about key applications in sports. If you are an athletic coach or a mental coach who would like to integrate 2Mynds applications in your training, this program introduces you to the basics. This program does not teach you how to organize and lead 2Mynds mind-body workouts. This is covered in level 2.

This program contains 6 units and you can complete it in a few days or a few weeks, depending on your schedule.